Sunday, June 23, 2019

DSLR Intervalometer - Source code made available in GitHub

For those who remember my work back in the days with implementing an intervalometer for Nikon cameras (yes, in spite of it being rather simple to implement in the camera firmware itself, these larger brands prefer to classify such a feature as premium and make it available only in more expensive DSLRs), I have detailed in the following post, the solution that I have put together:

Initially I built the Intervalometer to control (via a wired interface) a Fujifilm S9600 camera, but later I have converted the design to include an IR transmitter, and as such be usable with practically any Nikon DSLR with an IR-remote port (normally used with the ML-L3 IR remotes that are sold separately). This device mimics the ML-L3, and furthermore it has the intervalometer capability.

I have now made the project schematics and firmware source code available in GitHub, for those who wish to build the solution or contribute/fork/take as inspiration for a new project. You can find it in my GitHub section, under:


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