Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gimbal finally onboard

After a long wait and a hassle with a chinese seller, finally I could but together the gimbal, flash the board with Brugi (Martinez) and do some tuning and testing.

While a first flight have not yet been done, manual handling with rough attitude change movements shows that the gimbal seems to respond pretty well and no vibration could be perceived in the video at 1080p.

One important thing I was curious about was the weight, which with the gimbal jumped to 2.043 Kg:

It's a pretty heavy beast now, but I still expect to have more than 15 minutes of flight time with one battery.

For now I'm still leaving the FPV camera mounted. I won't however rule out the possibility of using the Mobius video output instead, and put the gimbal in FPV mode by flipping a switch in the remote.

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