Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New layout

After way too much time with the same layout, finally and in sync with Blogger restructuring and connection to Google+, I present you with a bit of a nicer look, which is at least is clearer for reading. Stay tuned, as some new posts are on the pipe, with updates on various topics, such as:
  • Geiger Counter - full schematics and firmware source code will soon be posted;
  • Time Lapse Photography - some new scenes of nature at its best will soon be made available.


zedascouves said...

Já agora, podes achar este blog interessante também:

Creation Factory said...

Parece-me bastante interessante. Tomei a liberdade de o adicionar à lista de blogs relacionados.

Rui Martins said...

Realmente já precisava, para melhorar a leitura :)
Arranjaste foi um muito parecido com o meu :P

Creation Factory said...

Na verdade era idêntico, mas como reparei depois nisso, mudei o suficiente para ficar apenas parecido :)