Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me and my employer in the Elektor magazine!

In late september (the 29th to be more exact) PDMFC's online store Microsensus was officially launched. This event gathered a lot of people from the portuguese microelectronics community. And is needless to say it was a success. It was an opportunity to expose our work to many relevant people, from universities to SME's and large companies. The event also captured the media attention, in particular the portuguese version of the Elektor magazine. I had the chance to talk about the products and what motivated PDMFC to enroll in the hardware business.

As it was published, it felt good to see my face and the rest of the team printed in the pages of a magazine that for me and many people in the electronics world is legendary for its articles and its role at stimulating young minds towards creativity through the use of technological artifacts.

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