Sunday, February 23, 2014

New drone, old parts

With all the changes and upgrades I performed on my current quadcopter, I realized  I had about enough spare parts to build another one. The only missing thing was the frame, but this is where the fun part goes. With this I had the opportunity to build a frame from scratch after buying 1m of aluminum rod, and a 1.5 mm sheet of the same material. This resulted in a 177 gr frame, which is not too bad.

In this heli I will stick to the old 920 KV motors, HK SS 25-30 A ESC (all SimonK flashed), FlySky radio and KK multicopter flight controller. The batteries will be the Turnigy 3S 5000 mAh.As I expect to have less gear onboard, this should result in a more acrobatic quadcopter than my current 1.5+ Kg machine  which I am configuring for FPV/aerial footage.

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