Thursday, July 1, 2010

Power pack!

While the rear wheel traction motor provides plenty of power for normal operation, the curiosity of obtaining some extra power through a different propulsion method is appealing. Since I had some parts from a unfinished airplane project, the materialization of another exclusive idea became real: to build a special trailer for the car, with a single purpose - to push the car even faster, with the help of a propeller instead of traction wheels. Featuring a 9x6E propeller, a 150 Watt brushless motor, an 18 A ESC, and a 1300 mAh LiPo battery, this trailer provides the closest one can ever get from raw rocket power, with controller propulsion.

The following video demonstrates the car in action, with wheel traction and with propeller exclusively.

The module features a small pcb just for preventing the +5 volts power provided by the propeller ESC from being fed to the car's circuitry. As these devices use linear regulators, there is the risk of damage due to reverse current to one of the regulators.

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