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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking back to the pre-blog era

I guess back in 2002 the blog concept wasn't yet broadly disseminated. Recently I thought of taking a peek to a long unattended website I have created almost a decade ago. This web site, which you can readily access here:

has a few interesting projects which pretty much remind me of how I am consistent as a person, even after 10 years. This helps me understand that a person tends to have a reasonably stable mindset, regardless of how life worsens in complexity, challenges, problems, pain, isolated events of joy, etc.

The sense of loss is many times compensated by other gifts. Wouldn't there be a catch, as so many times is the case, these would be two vectors that cancel each other. Life, however isn't black and white. A good thing sometimes conceals a price to pay. So many times greater than simply denying it.

In life, taking the default option tends to have a costly outcome. Failing the be more actively involved in the decision process is most of the time a regretful scenario.

Anyway, after 10 years you can't help putting your life in perspective and realizing
how precious time is when compared to some many pointless things that come and go, and one way or another cause you to consume some of that precious time.

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